A limited number of Australian scholarships are offered to Uganda on a Government to Government basis. Uganda has been offered 44 Australian Awards in agriculture (2) health (14), Environment (1), mining (11), governance (8), water and sanitation (6), and education (2) (26 long term awards, 18 short-course awards).

These scholarships are made available to the Ministry of Education in Uganda so it would be advisable to contact the Ministry of Education to see if they currently have any Australian Scholarships available that you may access.

The list of Australian Universities can be accessed at

Against each university, the corresponding website is found, it is here that detailed information about specific courses is provided viz: Admissions, Future Students, International Students etc.

You may wish to note that Australian Scholarships don’t cater for undergraduate courses whose duration is more than 4 years. In addition, they don’t include courses that are available at tertiary institutions in home countries.