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Following concerns raised by our Missions abroad on the above captioned  subject, the Hon. Minister  for Internal  Affairs has communicated the Ministry  of Internal Affairs' formal  policy on registration matters of registering Ugandan  citizens abroad.

On  1st  November   2013, Cabinet approved the Implementation  Strategy  for  the Mass Registration of Citizens of Uganda of 16 years  and above.  The immediate/short term  need was for the project to register those who would participate  in  the  2016  general  elections.  In addition, the  strategy set  out  to harmonise the existing legal framework on the Registration of Persons and among which was the need to provide for the registration of Uganda citizens in the Diaspora at our Missions abroad. Please note that the legal framework at the time of the  mass registration exercise  did not provide for the registrations of citizens while in the Diaspora.   On 26th March 2015, the Registration of Persons Act No 4 of 2015 became law. It among others provides for Registration Centres Abroad thus official premises of Uganda's Missions  abroad  shall  serve  as  registration centres for the  purpose  of registering citizens of Uganda to identify them and issue them with national identification numbers and  national identity cards. The law further  creates  and mandates the National Identification Registration Authority Board to designate other  locations outside Uganda as registration centres after consultation with the Minister responsible for Foreign Affairs.   The process of operationalising this new law is now underway. The Board has been  sworn in and will soon embark on its work.  It is hoped that the Ministry of Internal  Affairs  together with the Authority will initiate discussions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to put in place modalities of ensuring that  all Uganda citizens in the Diaspora are registered and issued with national identity cards.

This is therefore to request you communicate to the Ugandan Diaspora to  be patient as the above modalities are put in place.  A national identity card is a right and  Government of Uganda will do whatever is possible to incrementally take steps to identify and register her people  abroad.

Fred Moses  Mukhooli


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